Spring 2016 Sale on Space Bounty Hunters

29 Feb

SpaceBountyHuntersSeriesCoverHey, check out the fifty percent off sale on The Space Bounty Hunters Series: Complete Collection at All Romance eBooks. Between now and March, 14th 2016, the complete series is available for $1.49. Save a bunch on this set of five short stories about the gutsy Kerry and her bounty hunter partner and lover, Marcus.

Try reading the Predator on the Rim for FREE before buying the complete set.


2016 Valentine’s Day Sale on The Lycans Series

1 Feb


Just a quick heads up that The Lycans Series: Five Story Collection is on sale at All Romance eBooks. It’s 50% off at just $1.49 from now until February 15th, 2016. So, if you like short romance stories head over and get five of them for a bargain this month.

Try reading Lycan’s Mate FREE before you buy.

Complete Space Bounty Hunter Series on Pre-Order

15 Sep

The complete collection of Space Bounty Hunter stories is now available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. The book is $3.99, which is way less expensive than purchasing each of the stories individually. The pre-order will be released on September 30th!


“Destination Earth” is Now “Earth Return”

24 Aug

The last book in the Space Bounty Hunters Series is getting a title change from “Destination Earth” to “Earth Return”. I did a search online and on Amazon and found a lot of other books with the same title. So, rather than get lost in the shuffle, I figured I’d just change the name.

While at it, I went ahead and made some other changes to the book cover. The dark blue background seemed to swallow up the woman’s silhouette too much. A quick makeover to a lighter blue background and she stands out much better.

earth return

Space Bounty Hunters Series Now Complete!

17 Aug

The fifth and final story in the Space Bounty Hunters series is now available on Amazon and soon to be available on Smashwords and it Distributors and All Romance Ebooks.

I’ve currently got the story listed at $1.99 USD. However, you can still save money if you wait just a little longer for the collection of stories to be released in a compendium within the next month. I may make it available for pre-order. Yay!

destination earthfinal

Valentine’s Day eBook Sale!

11 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Week!

In honor of the holiday, I’ve marked down prices on “The Lycans Series”, and some of my newer short ebooks. The markdowns should be visible on Amazon, Smashwords, and ARe. Lower prices may filter through to other sites before the end of the sale around February 20th.

Sorry for not updating this blog in a long while. It have been a hectic year. I am hard at work on my second series, Space Bounty Hunters, and hope to have it completed by this spring.

The Immortality Backup Now Available

25 Mar

I’ve finally completed the second ebook in the Space Bounty Hunter Series called, “The Immortality Backup”. This story wound up being more science fiction adventure, than erotica. It’s still got some romance in it, so you won’t be completely devoid of love in space.

I’m going to risk pricing this ebook slightly higher at $1.99. We’ll see if the market bears that decision out. I am still going to make the first book in the series free at some point. Plus, I’m going to gather all of the stories in this series into a collection to sell for a slightly cheaper price than buying all of the books individually. So, if you don’t want to pay full price, just wait a few months and pick up the collection.

immortality backup

 The Immortality Backup

Kerry and her partner are sent into the depths of uninhabited space after a lost scientist. It seems like a simple job to her. No monsters. No aliens to hunt down.

Of course, their quarry, Kipruto Kamei, just happens to be her arrogant former lover and a Corporate research scientist. When Marcus and Kipruto butt heads on the mission, it is only the beginning of their problems.

Turns out, Kipruto is keeping a horrifying secret from them.

Buy on Amazon, ARe, and Smashwords

Valentine’s Day Special on Lycans Collection

8 Feb

The Lycans Series Collection is on sale this week for Valentine’s Day. Instead of the normal price it is $2.99 this week!

Check out the Lycans Series at Amazon, ARe, and Smashwords.


Predator on the Rim Now Available

5 Feb

The first story, Predator on the Rim, in the Bounty Hunter series is now available on Amazon, ARe, and Smashwords. This is a short one, so I’m posting it for .99 cents. However, I plan on making this story free after I get a few more stories in the series written. So, you can wait a couple of months if you want to save a little money an pick this one up for free.


Seven Month Sales Figures on Amazon

23 Jan

It’s the new year of 2013! Everything is going well with the new series. I’ve finished the cover and the first story just needs editing. I’m hoping to get it posted within a week or so. 

For now, I’ve compiled my seven month sales on Amazon from June through December 2012. As you can see, there were some dramatic changes in the last two months of the year.



You may want to view this chart in a new tab to see it full size. My sales on some books were at zero during some months because I hadn’t yet written them. I didn’t complete the entire series until the beginning of December when I compiled the collection and put it up for sale. Looking at the numbers there are some points that have improved sales quite a bit.

  • Series of books do make more sales. Readers that like the first book will purchase the next and the next to find out what happens.
  • Make one book in the series free. In November, Amazon price matched Lycan’s Mate, making it free. Downloads jumped into the thousands for that book, which led to sales increasing for the rest of the series.
  • Create a collection of stories. In December, I compiled the five stories in the Lycans Series into one book for a higher price of $3.99. This gives readers a chance to save a couple of bucks over buying the individual stories. Amazon’s search algorithmic also gives higher priced books more exposure compared to lower priced books. This gives my series more of a chance to be seen.

Most of the books in the series haven’t been up long enough to stabilize. I don’t yet know if the sales of November and December will remain at these increased levels or if some of the numbers are the result of holiday sales. I may post another sales statement in another six months with sales for this series and the next one.